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Specialist for surface technology relies on Xamax

Oerlikon Metco AG is a leading global provider of surface solutions. Coating, refining and inspecting the surfaces of materials are energy-intensive processes. Hence, at its factories, Oerlikon Metco relies on Xamax systems in order to be able to use electrical power as efficiently as possible.

In 2017, Xamax equipped the three factories in Wohlen with a fully-automatic load management system. This system controls six ventilation units and heating baths. The load management enables the peak load to be reduced by approximately 15 percent. The optimisation system, which was planned and supplied as a turnkey solution by Xamax, also transmits the output data of the main supply to the Factory 2 in real time, where six test facilities can be started individually depending on the load. Thanks to the Xamax software, the technicians can evaluate all the energy data in the required resolutions, starting from real time evaluations and right through to monthly and annual overviews. Like all Xamax solutions, this system can easily be expanded; in addition to electrical power, it can also measure and visualise other media, such as gas and water.

“The modular concept, the versatile software and the professional support during the implementation completely convinced me,” says Marc Heid, Head of Infrastructure at Oerlikon Metco in Wohlen. Thanks to the Xamax system, the company uses the electrical power in an efficient manner and can thus save costs. The amortisation period of the system is approximately two years.

Oerlikon Metco’s surface technologies enhance the performance and improve the efficiency and reliability of components and products. These technologies include thermal spraying, laser build-up welding and other processing services. Oerlikon Metco has customers around the globe in the fields of aerospace, energy generation, automotive engineering, oil and gas. Together with Oerlikon Balzers, Oerlikon Metco is a part of the Surface Solutions Segment of the Swiss Oerlikon Group.

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