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Values are what distinguish us

Alpiq owes its success to the sustainable values which for decades have indelibly shaped our company, employees, products and services.

Our roots lie in the alpine nation of Switzerland, which is known the world over for its tradition of quality, peak performance and reliability. We view these Swiss values of quality, innovation, precision and reliability as a fundamental obligation. They dictate our teamwork and our collaboration with customers. Like the Alps that simultaneously divide and unify our country, we view boundaries as an opportunity to forge links: for us, linguistic and cultural differences present not barriers but foundations on which to build mutual respect.

We are reliable

We know that long-term business relationships can only be built on a basis of close contact, trust, dependability and commitment.

We are open-minded

We meet our customers as equal partners, enabling us to understand their requirements and deliver a quick, flexible and uncomplicated response.

We are courageous

We take the initiative, show our partners new approaches and persectives, are quick to seize opportunities and resolute in realising projects.

Occupational health and safety

Alpiq considers occupational health and safety as well as the protection of the physical and mental integrity of its employees and third parties to be values that must be protected at all costs. Alpiq therefore constantly strives to take all necessary measures to achieve this goal.

In its guiding principles on occupational health and safety, Alpiq commits to the key principles and sets out its commitment to effective occupational health and safety management.

Health & Safety Policy – PDF