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Heat supply

Alpiq Csepeli Erőmű engages in heat supply and heat production activities, providing district heat supply to FŐTÁV Zrt. The heat produced is forwarded to customers in an innovative way, isolated in hot water networks; therefore, supply activity does not create any environmental pollution.

District heat provided to FŐTÁV Zrt. ensures hot water for heating and utility purposes for 20,000 domestic and institutional users in the Csepel and Pesterzsébet districts of Budapest. The supply to FŐTÁV Zrt. is available throughout the year. Maintenance activities are performed locally on the network, therefore, it is not necessary to isolate the whole customer range and suspend the provision of supply.

Hot water generation

At Alpiq's Csepel Power Station complex, a team of highly trained professionals produces hot water and oversees water circulation and distribution. The team performs its tasks with the help of advanced tools and control systems. All activities related to hot water production comply with water purity legislation and standards.

Hot water production is an intermittent activity while its related processes of distribution and circulation are ongoing. The hot water production processes are closely synchronized with the operations at Csepel II to guarantee reliable hot water under all circumstances.