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Local residents

At Alpiq, safety is our top priority. We regard a healthy and safe workplace as a crucial pillar of business success and provide world-class health and accident prevention programs on-site. Our ultimate goal is to prevent accidents of any form and thereby ensure the safety of everyone involved with our operations.

Another top Alpiq priority is environmental protection. Because we are energy producers, we make a special commitment to clean air and water. Our objective is to prevent an interruption of operations or a breach of environmental regulations – and we are proud that this has been successfully achieved to date.

Alpiq also takes its role of corporate citizen seriously. We strive to act as a positive role model in business, and to play an active role in our community. For example, we encourage local youth to learn the science and technology of power generation by hosting field physics classes at our plant.

Social Engagement

Alpiq wishes to positively influence society and earn a reputation as a responsible market player and good corporate citizen. We are convinced that sensitive responsiveness to stakeholder groups is a key to our long-term success and sustainability.

Through our social responsibility programme, we seek to make a significant contribution to environmental, social and cultural targets in our surrounding community. Our programme mainly targets:

  • Work safety and health: The health and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors is of utmost importance to us. To support safety, we operate high-standard schemes and prevention programmes.

  • Community development: Our company values its role in the community and actively supports the development of the local economy. We play an important role in the implementation of development projects in and around Csepel.

  • Environmental initiatives: Alpiq is committed to the protection of the environment and to the conservation of our natural resources at a standard that surpasses Hungarian norms.

  • Health and Sport: We engage in numerous health protection initiatives and sponsor local athletic teams and clubs, for example the Csepel Wrestling Club. We hope that the participants go on to win many European and world championship medals.

Environmental engagements

Alpiq has always promoted the interests of the Csepel community. We are fully aware that an industrial park the size of the Csepel Industrial Estate affects the local community. In and around Csepel, we have completed a number of community service projects to improve the environment and promote the welfare of the local community.

One such project was environmental education in the district schools. We used the opportunity to highlight the importance of selective waste collection. Recycling is a key company priority at Alpiq in both technology and office activity. By choosing environmentally friendly solutions, our company brings a "green" approach to its everyday activities.

An example of a successful recycling initiative is Csepel II’s water intake plant. In early 2007, we began to compact river debris. The project aimed to substantially reduce water content of river debris and to achieve a significant reduction in the volume of waste. The target was to reduce the volume of the debris 50% in the 1st year, and the figure attained was 62%. In 2008, the waste volume was reduced 94% from the 2006 figure.

Educational engagements

In Csepel, Alpiq is committed to education and works in partnership with local schools, universities, and companies. We arrange field physics classes on-site that focus on power technology and the combined power cycle.

"The kids were fully amazed by the hospitality that surrounded them. In addition to the level of housekeeping and discipline, they found it quite reassuring that the Power Plant runs in such a safe manner. The guide was very interesting and presented in a way which exactly met the age of the pupils. We are absolutely satisfied with the whole programme, and we are so pleased that we had this opportunity to visit the site."

Ferenc Kölcsey, Csepel Elementary and Secondary School