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About Alpiq in Hungary

Alpiq is represented with three companies in Hungary. With Alpiq Energy SE, our wholesale energy trading company that is active on the electricity and gas markets in the CESEE region. With Alpiq Csepel Kft., the owner of the Csepel II CCGT power plant. And with Alpiq Csepeli Szolgáltató Kft., which operates and maintains the Csepel II power plant. Both the power plant and the offices of all three companies are located in Budapest.

Alpiq Energy SE

Alpiq Energy SE is one of the largest international electricity trading companies in Hungary and a major player on the Central and Eastern European markets. We are active on the wholesale and retail markets in Hungary and in other countries in CESEE.

Our philosophy is based on reliability, long-term partnerships and individually customised services.

We are a member of the PXE (Power Exchange Central Europe). Our business contracts are based on the standards of the European Federation of Electricity Traders (EFET) and on other well-established agreements. Alpiq Energy SE’s electricity trading expertise covers both the European and local energy markets. Our specialists identify and analyse the trends in the energy business and develop strategies and customised products for our customers.

In light of the continued liberalisation of the market, our objective is to increase our market share and expand our energy trading and generation activities in order to be able to offer our customers even more comprehensive support.

Total energy management – energy and know-how tailored to your business ideas

Alpiq Energy SE offers comprehensive services and credit insurance. Both our customers and trading partners in the region benefit from our strong, centralised structure and solid capital base. We offer our international partners simplified contractual terms. All our transactions are backed by our broad international portfolio, which lowers the credit risks for both parties.

From our headquarters in Prague, we primarily supply medium and large enterprises with customised solutions and services. Currently, we also cooperate with producers of energy from renewable sources and promote the sale of their energy.

Alpiq Csepel Kft. and Alpiq Csepeli Szolgáltató Kft.

While Alpiq Csepel Kft. is the owner of the Csepel II CCGT power plant, Alpiq Csepeli Szolgáltató Kft. operates and maintains it. Csepel II is a modern, environmentally friendly gas-fired combined cycle power plant located in the south of Budapest.

Alpiq’s main activities in Hungary are:

  • Power generation
  • Heat generation for district heating

We have a strong focus on our customers’ unique requirements. We understand the rapidly changing nature of our customers’ business environments and rapidly respond with innovative solutions. We constantly improve the reliability and efficiency of our solutions and pass these improvements on to our customers.

Reliable, responsive and innovative power generation – Csepel II

Csepel II is a combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant with an electrical capacity of 403 MW and the ability to supply hot water to the district heating system. The power plant is equipped with two gas turbines and one steam turbine as well as four hot water boilers and an auxiliary steam boiler for district heating.

The power plant’s main fuel is natural gas, while distillate can also be used as a backup.

Csepel II, which is connected to the national grid at 120 kV, covers almost 7% of Hungary’s annual electricity demand.