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Launch of Ovronnaz Solar

Leytron, 16 January 2023. The municipality of Leytron, Genedis and Alpiq are joining forces to develop an alpine solar power project on the heights of Ovronnaz. The production potential is estimated at 40 GWh per year, a significant part of which will be produced in winter. The gradual commissioning is planned from 2025.

From left to right: Philippe Délèze (Director of Genedis), Joseph Ramuz (President of the Commune of Leytron) and Amédée Murisier (Head of Hydro Power Generation Alpiq). Photo: Thomas Masotti.

This morning, the Municipality of Leytron, Genedis and Alpiq signed a letter of intent to launch a feasibility study for an alpine solar power project on the heights of Ovronnaz, at the locations of Chavanne Neuve, Châtillon and Euloi. This project, called Ovronnaz Solar, responds to the Confederation's desire to encourage the development of alpine solar power installations to strengthen the country's security of electricity supply. 

The production potential of Ovronnaz Solar is about 40 GWh per year, which corresponds to the average annual consumption of about 8,000 households.

A privileged location

Photovoltaic panels are more efficient at higher altitudes because of higher radiation and relatively low cloud cover. If they are equipped with bifacial cells, a significant part of energy is produced in winter thanks to the reflection of sunlight by the snow.

The three sites, which are located at altitudes of between 2,000 and 2,200 metres, were selected because of their sunny location and the existing infrastructure, in particular the road accesses created and used by the Leytron civic community and the Téléovronnaz company, as well as the electrical installations of the Genedis company, which owns and manages the medium-voltage grid in the municipality. These assets will favour the development of synergies in terms of skills, maintenance and energy efficiency. 

Over the next few months, studies will be carried out to assess the feasibility, profitability, size and environmental aspects of the project. Depending on the results, an application for a building permit and subsidies will be submitted to the Canton in 2023, with a view to gradual commissioning from 2025. The project will also be open to the participation of other partners.

Ovronnaz Solar : Preliminary data

  • approx. 160,000 m2 surface area 

  • approx. 85,000 photovoltaic modules

  • approx. 40 GWh of annual production

  • approx. 30 MW of power