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Night of power plants 2022 in Hungary

Budapest, 28 October 2022 – A huge number of people were interested in the event “night of power plants”! Throughout Hungary, 70 interesting sites were open to visitors. This is the largest and most popular energy industry event, and this year plants received nearly 5800 interested people, offering them a number of exciting programmes, including site tours led by professional guides. Visitors could look behind the scenes at the facilities of power stations, heating plants and public utility service providers. The event was organised by Hungarian Energy & Public Utilities Regulation Office, and it focused on presenting the operation of power generation and district heat production, as well as the activities of public utility service providers in order to raise public awareness about the use of natural resources and the protection of the environment.

Alpiq Csepel II power plant welcomed more than 130 visitors. The first group started off to the site tour at 14:00 hours, and the last one started off at 20:00 hours. Each tour took 1.5 hours.

At Csepel II power plant, the programme started with a short image film, and then the group was taken to the main control room. Visitors could see power plant items in operation, they were taken through the machine hall, the hot water boiler room, the water treatment plant and finally the heat recovery boiler area. Visitors got an insight into power generation and heat production processes. It was great to see the excitement in their eyes when they saw the giant plant items. We like the event “night of power plants” very much because it offers us the opportunity of taking visitors into one of the most flexible combined-cycle power station of Hungary!

We express our thanks to our colleagues for being guides, to visitors for their participation, and to Hungarian Energy & Public Utilities Regulation Office for organising the event.