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Night of Power Plants 2023

It is the largest energy industry event in the country: the Hungarian Energy and Utility Regulatory Authority and its affiliated partners organised the "Night of Power Plants" for the fourth time in autumn 2023. The Night of the Power Plants welcomed visitors to almost 70 interesting sites across the country, and the Csepel II Power Plant joined to this event as well.

We started with a short film onsite, followed by a short presentation summarizing the essential elements of electricity production and explaining the important role of gas-fired power plants in system regulation.  We guided our visitors through the turbine hall and boiler houses, as well as the central control room. Those interested could see the currently operating machine units in operation and looked at non-operating equipment. In the central control room, our visitors could get to know the operating processes, visible through the control systems. During the tour, visitors gained an insight into the phases of electricity and heat production, the circuit of the CCGT power plant, the main and auxiliary equipment of the power plant as well as the emergency systems and equipment. Five groups were guided, all together 110 visitor, each tour lasted 1.5 hours.

We thank our colleagues for the professional guided tour, the visitors for their participation and thank you to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utilities Regulatory Office for the organization!