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Power for the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones concert on 5 August 2006 was an outstanding gig. Alpiq subsidiary Kummler+Matter was responsible for much of the infrastructure.

Any appearance by the legendary Rolling Stones is a mega-event. Their "A Bigger Bang" tour date in Dübendorf in August 2006 was the largest rock concert ever held in Switzerland. Kummler+Matter was responsible for the temporary power supply for the event. This in itself posed a major challenge on the outdoor venue at Dübendorf's military airstrip. The team, headed by Heinz Brandenberger, built 14 diesel generators with 98 electrical distributors to generate around 2800 kW of electricity. Another 2000 kW were needed for the stage alone. But that was only part of the contract.

Fully-functioning communication network

The Alpiq subsidiary operated a complete internal communication network at the venue, covering telephones, mobile communications, ISDN, ADSL and WLAN. They also had to provide lighting for some 13,000 parking spaces. Heinz Brandenberger's team set up 50 2000 W track lights, as well as lightning protection for all steel constructions and floodlighting including emergency lights for the 70,000-capacity arena.

"We made the organisers an offer tailored exactly to their needs," says Heinz Brandenberger. His special electrical facilities unit is well-qualified to tackle such major events. "Extensive experience, a comprehensive stock of temporary electrical material and a highly motivated team were the factors that won Alpiq the contract," says Brandenberger.

Specialist in large-scale events


Other event organisers have also enjoyed the advantages of the bespoke services delivered by Kummler+Matter's event specialists. For instance, the 2006 Zurich Open Tennis tournament, the 2006 World Class Athletics Meeting in Zurich, and the Zurich New Year's Eve Run. Zurich's world-famous Bahnhofstrasse also boasts tailor-made Christmas lighting, for which Kummler+Matter is the technical partner.