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Alpiq Energy SE ranks among the largest companies in the Czech Republic

In June 2012 within the "CZECH TOP 100" list, Alpiq Energy SE was declared the 8th largest company in the Czech Republic. This list is based on annual revenues, which in 2011 Alpiq succeeded in increasing by 41% to 60.2 billion Czech Crowns.

Success in "CZECH TOP 100" ranking

Alpiq Energy SE owes its success above all to the integration of business activities within the Central Europe region and the expansion of the sales and services capacity for its customers. The increase in turnover reflects the permanent growth and stability of the company.

From position 14 to 8

Compared to 2010, when Alpiq occupied the 14th place, the company has been able to improve by seven positions. Thus for the first time Alpiq ranks amongst the 10 largest companies in the Czech Republic, together with such home industrial players as SKODA AUTO a.s., CEZ a.s. and RWE Transgas a.s.

The 10 largest companies in the Czech Republic based on revenues are:

PositionCompanyRevenues 2011 (in TCZK)
1ŠKODA AUTO a.s.252 562 000
2ČEZ, a.s.209 761 000
3RWE Transgas, a.s.135 984 147
4AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s.117 606 814
5FOXCONN CZ s.r.o.102 327 509
6UNIPETROL, a.s.97 427 586
7MORAVIA STEEL a.s.65 972 567
8ALPIQ ENERGY SE60 178 612
9Telefónica Czech Republic, a.s.52 388 000
10ČEPRO, a.s.51 911 527

Award ceremony in a spectacular backdrop

The award ceremony was held in Palace Zofin on the 19th of June 2012 – an architectural jewel that plays host to the greatest economical, political and cultural personalities of the Czech Republic and the world. The award for Alpiq Energy SE was received by its Chairman of the Board of Directors, Zdenek Cihak, and the Head of the Czech and Slovak markets, Ivo Pavelek.

The CZECH TOP 100 is an association which has been monitoring Czech companies since 1994. Based on objective benchmarks and in cooperation with leading experts it generates lists of the 100 most important companies in the Czech Republic, of the 100 most admired companies, of the best Annual Reports, of the best company newsletters, etc.