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The event “power stations at night” has received corporate social responsibility award


The event “Power Stations at Night”, organised by Hungarian Energy & Public Utilities Regulation Office (MEKH), has won CSR Hungary Award in 2020.

The organisations which initiate outstanding and responsible activities having a positive impact on society and the environment, may apply for Corporate Social Responsibility Award.

The corporate social responsibility programme of MEKH aims at motivating consumers to use energy in a conscious and sparing manner. Towards that goal, the Office in cooperation with their supporting partners have the first time now organised the event “Power Stations at Night” on 11 October 2019.


Csepel II Power Station of Alpiq was proud to join the event

During the event, all over in Hungary 42 power stations, district heat production plants and visitor centres have opened their gates to the wide public to provide insight into how energy is produced behind the scenes. Locations included local hot water and district heat production plants and heat centres, as well as large facilities which generate power for the national grid using fossil energy sources, biomass, hydro power and nuclear power.

The event “Power Stations at Night” has been visited by nearly 4,000 people. At the locations, professional guides have showed the visitors the operation of power stations, the technology behind energy production, and how development projects are used in environmentally friendly energy production. Visitors could also learn about methods of using available energy sources in a smart and saving manner.

A conscious consumer behaviour is based on understanding the options of saving as much energy as possible at home and in our public institutions - said Zsolt Scherer spokesman of MEKH. We believe that a conscious energy consumer should have some basic knowledge on how the energy he/she uses is produced, and where, by whom and with what equipment it is produced. The purpose of the event “Power Stations at Night” is to provide an insight into those processes for interested visitors. The Award is a recognition of the high standards at which our Office performs its agency tasks as well as the long lasting values created by the Office in the area of corporate social responsibility

The CSR Hungary Award is granted to organisations whose outstanding and responsible initiatives have a positive impact on business processes, society and the environment. The Award also means that the winner may use the brand for 2 years, if they wish.