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Students of Budapest Technical University, Mechanical Engineering Faculty visited Csepel II Power Station

Csepel II Power Station has received students / university students from technical areas for years to support their studies in practice. On 23 November this year we received 11 students who learn the subject “Power station planning and operation” in the course of their master training. The visit focused on the most essential points, a concentrated presentation of power station production and maintenance processes, highlighting the important practical issues.

The program started with a general presentation of Csepel II Power Station, held by Csaba Varga Station Manager. Following the general presentation of the Power Station, technology subsystems and their key processes were explained. Péter Jakab gave a presentation on the market role of the Power Station, also covering the electrical boiler and the heat storage plant.

Then the students were divided into 4 groups.The 4 groups were explained the structure of the Power Station, features of its operation, start-ups and load changes. Groups separately focused on generators, the cooling system and the maintenance strategy.

In addition to the presented processes, students have to concentrate on individual part subjects on which they will prepare a one page long, brief essay for a 3-minute presentation after the site visit, at the next theoretical class at the university.

Lecturer of the subject told us how much the facts the students learned during the site visit were in accordance with their theoretical studies, and we were pleased to hear that. What is more, students were absolutely impressed by this visit where they could see the processes of a real, operating power plant.

We are glad about their visit, and are looking forward to receiving more students from Mechanical Engineering Faculty!