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Alpiq Csepel Business has entered into a cooperation agreement with Csepel Shooter Association with the aim to support Ferenc Török sports shooter

The Year 2019 European Air Rifle Championship was held at Eszék, and Ferenc Török participated the competition with success as a member of the Hungarian team.

At the European Junior Air Rifle Championship, Hungarian sports shooters won several medals. On the 3rd day, the boys' air rifle team got a gold medal, and Ferenc Török, the only 15-year old member of Csepel Shooter Association was in the team.

There had been a series of three competitions before this European Championship, and Csepelian Ferenc Török had performed so well at those trial competitions that he was selected into the team which travelled to the European Championship.

Ferenc Török and his two team mates got into the semi-finals of boys' air rifle teams, and performed well ahead of the other teams which showed their potential for a gold medal. The boys gave no reason for disappointment: they won over the German team and also over the Russian team in the finals, and became European champions!
In the base competition of individuals, Ferenc Török reached a high-ranking 4th position and was the best among Hungarian competitors. This result took him into the final of eights. Among the competitors in the finals, 15-year old Ferenc Török was the youngest, therefore, the fact itself that he fought his way into the finals was a huge achievement. In the finals he won a 6th position, an outstanding performance for this young man who had no experience at international competitions.

The sponsorship philosophy of Alpiq Csepel Business focuses on coaching talents at Csepel and developing the sports activity of Csepelian children.