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Support to the Csepel Wrestling Club

Alpiq Csepel Business has this year again entered into a cooperation agreement to support Csepel Wrestling Club with the aim to contribute to the development of the succession base of the Association.

The members of the succession team of the Club, in the children and student age categories, have done their best last year as they have received a number of medals at the various regional and national challenge competitions. In addition, their competitors have won medals and valuable positions at Student Olympics, European and World Championships. Among them Marcell Budai-Kovács who was still in the juvenile age group when he returned home from both the European and World Cadet Championships with bronze medals. Csaba Vida is a proud bronze medallist of the European Junior Championship, and Ferenc Almási, a potential future heavy-weight champion, got a third position at the Junior World Championship.

Not only the succession team but also the adult team has been quite successful as demonstrated by the first and second positions acquired by their young team at the championship of adult teams, or by the numerous medals received by their wrestlers at the national adult championship, all which prizes and medals have put Csepel Wrestling Club to the proud fourth position among the 126 wrestling associations in Hungary. A highlight of the development of wrestling is that Csepel had established women's wrestling, and their number one competitor is Emese Barka who had achieved a great victory at the European Games at Baku which also was the European Championship, and following it she won the third position at the World Championship held in Hungary.

The sponsorship philosophy of Alpiq Csepel Business focuses on coaching talents at Csepel and developing the sports activity of large numbers of kids at Csepel. Thus the cooperation scheme fits well into the programme which has covered, for example, the succession team of Csepel Students' Sports Association for a number of years.

Katalin Zarnóczai

Alpiq Csepel Business

T: +36 1 429 1043