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Committed to environmental responsibility, we planted tree in Népliget

Swisscham Hungary was established 25 years ago and now they have planted 25 young trees in “Népliget” Park. By that, Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce protects the environment and has made a contribution to a sustainable future, reinforcing a joint work with participating member companies. Alpiq Csepel Business is also a member of Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, therefore, it was much pleased to join the tree planting initiation.

The purpose of anniversary tree planting was to express the commitment of Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and member companies to environmental protection and make a joint step towards a more sustainable future. The pandemic we have seen in recent months has added an unexpected and new context to the project: the 25 young trees represent the past successful 25 years and in addition, a new life, new beginning and faith in the future.

Participating in the event were representatives of adoptive member companies, among them Gábor Briglovics, General Manager of Alpiq Csepel Business

“Currently, environmental protection is the greatest global challenge, a major matter of interest for us all."

Members of Swisscham Hungary have demonstrated their individual commitment as well as joint responsibility for a sustained conservation of nature. Another symbolic message by tree planting was the desire that the activities of the Chamber should continue growing like the trees will grow. The Chamber wishes to remain the recognised professional forum of Swiss-Hungarian relations with swift responses to any changes in economic life.” – said Dr. István Béres, President of Swisscham Hungary.

István Kocsis, Ambassador’s Interim Deputy at the Swiss Embassy also gave a welcome speech at the anniversary tree planting.

“In the past 25 years of Swisscham Hungary, innovation was on the top of the agenda, however, the 25th anniversary of the Chamber has highlighted sustainability. I am delighted by the idea of tree planting, a symbol helping us properly celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Chamber, even during the pandemic.”

At the event, Gergely Karácsony, Lord Mayor of Budapest, emphasized the environmental action of Swisscham Hungary.

“When we show our commitment towards the future and not just by words, but by actions, we also send an important message to Hungary. I express my thanks to all partners who are here. We have a symbolic, but important alliance in making Budapest a greener and more innovative city” – stated the Lord Mayor.

Swisscham Hungary has member companies all over Hungary, from Sárospatak to Szentgotthárd, however, the centre of joint work is in Budapest, that is why “Népliget” Park was selected as the location. Főkert Zrt. cooperated in the tree planting. They will take care of the trees.

Katalin Zarnóczai

Alpiq Csepel Business

T: +36 1 429 1043