Alpiq in: Hungary
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Total energy management

Energy and know-how tailored to your business ideas

Alpiq helps customers to simplify energy management and optimise the entire process, to make a positive difference to their business results. Alpiq's Hungarian subsidiary, Alpiq Energia Magyarország Kft. is one of the largest independent foreign sales company in Hungary's electricity market to offer tailor-made services and solutions, which best suit our customers' demand and requirements.

To this end Alpiq owns and operates its own power stations, which provide the basis for energy trading and sales. These production facilities ensure reliable round-the-clock supplies of electricity for our customers.

In Hungary, Alpiq acquired the Csepel Group in 2002. At the core of their activities is Csepel II, a modern, environmentally friendly gas-fired combined cycle power plant in southern Budapest, with a capacity of 403 MW.